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Your Hi-tech Business Advisor

Technology that brings business value

Why Technology Advisor?

Technology can help increase revenue, reduce overheads, and improve customer experience.

To generate business value through your technology investments, you need people with a deep knowledge of both business and technology.

The problem is that many small to medium size businesses cannot afford to hire high-end consultants for every opportunity.


Technology to help you do new things

Business Development

Technology to help you sell more

Operational Efficiency

Technology to help your team do better

My Unique Proposition

My Deliverables


Discuss top three challenges you and your team is facing.


Provide potential solutions to you for one or more challenges


Provide the roadmap to achieve the business value and ways to measure it


Provide quarterly reports on the value to your business



Development Value

Product developed with $5 million investment, valued at $19 million upon completion. 3 X ROI in 24 months.

Enterprise Transformation

Led Enterprise-wide Resources Planning initiative for a chemical manufacturing company, providing 480% ROI over four years.


Implemented computer-based textile marker development and automated cutting technology that reduced wastage and increased cutting capacity more than two-fold. First year ROI: >300%


Streamlined product release process from development through staging to the production environment, reducing overall release time from two weeks to less than two days, within six months of the first release. Year one ROI 200%.

Cost Saving

Led the development of a specialized ERP product for small to medium size chemical manufacturing companies, delivered on time, and $2m under budget.

Cost Saving

Led the development of the financial model for an 840 MW Thermal Power Station using computer tools to achieve efficient simulations, saving $900K by coaching the internal team to do it without high-cost consulting.


I have made it simple for you to make the decision. No hidden fees, no surprises, and no legalese.


I have made it simple for you to make the decision. No hidden fees, no surprises, and no legalese.